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What is the difference between traditional psychology and positive psychology?

In short, traditional psychology focuses mainly on peoples’ weaknesses and why they have certain pathologies. Positive psychology focuses more on peoples’ strengths and how to bring these out daily.

What is your approach to stress reduction?

I teach simple and advanced techniques which focus on the mind-body connection, the power of breath and having a positive attitude. I employ several techniques for stress reduction based on client feedback and comfort level.

What can clients expect?

Clients can expect an interactive experience which engages thoughtful insight. Most of the work is done outside of the session, as I give out homework assignments for clients to do out in the real world to test the new skills they learn with me. During sessions we discuss how the skills worked and what needs to be done to tweak them to maximize their benefits.

What are the costs? Do you accept insurance?

I am out of network. Please refer to the rates page for more information.