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Clientele and expected outcomes

Adults and students with low self-esteem to view themselves in a more positive light.

Adults and students experiencing difficulty focusing at work/school/home to improve their concentration and increase their personal and professional productivity.

College students anxious about their transition into the work force to make the best of the situation and improve their interviewing skills.

Family members who have lost their loved ones work through the stages of grief in their own time and manner.

High school seniors anxious about transitioning into college decrease their anxiety to make the transition easier.

Parents of children with serious disabilities appreciate the trials and triumphs of raising a special needs child.

Professionals experiencing job loss/dissatisfaction to stay motivated and focused on career goals and hone their interviewing skills.

Students and adults working on their 'perfectionistic tendencies' to not be as critical of themselves, thus enjoying their lives more fully.

Students who are transitioning into a new school ease their anxiety and make the transition as smoothly as possible.


“Darlene is a gift that I give to myself. Her compassion and guidance have helped me tremendously over the past two years. I was terrified to start the therapy process, yet she put my mind at ease immediately and continues to help me. I only wish I had started therapy with her sooner!” RM, Pennsylvania

“Darlene sees my young son and is the perfect fit for him. I am very choosy about who provides care for my children, and she is the only therapist who I trust to help him manage his anxiety and OCD symptoms.” DB, Delaware

"Darlene is a rare gem." EW, Pennsylvania

“Darlene is wise beyond her years. She is so inspiring and just knowing her makes me want to be a better person.” JK, Delaware

“Darlene has such a calm presence. She has helped me better manage my anxiety through deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and other calming techniques. I leave her office feeling calm and centered, and she’s taught me to do these techniques whenever I’m feeling stressed. They really work. Thank you!” LN, Delaware

“Darlene sees my teen son and has helped him better manage his symptoms of depression. She helps our entire family communicate better.” JB, Delaware

“Darlene sees my teen daughter and helps our family to interact more kindly with each other. She has given us an amazing gift!” AN, Pennsylvania

“I’ve had so many AHA moments in coaching with Darlene I’ve stopped counting. She has taught me that I am more valuable than I ever imagined. Thank you!” PS, New Jersey

“Darlene helps me and my husband to communicate better and appreciate each other more. She is very kind and effective.” MK, Delaware